video Clips

Below are a few video clips from various projects (as well as some self-taped monologues and scenes).


Z-Stuy Clips — Quirky Comedic Horror

"The short film, written and directed by Devan Gallagher, draws strength from every classic zombie trope it can possibly cram into its brief run time... But there is more at work here than just a comedic send-up of the zombie genre. Z-Stuy returns to the roots of the genre where zombies stand as a metaphor for consumerism and twists it into a uniquely 21st century mold... Overall, Z-Stuy is an admirable display of Gallagher’s talent as a filmmaker..." —Downright Creepy


White Elephant Clips — Sketch Comedy

Holly invites her boyfriend's family over for a holiday party and hosts a white elephant gift exchange that goes horribly wrong in this sketch comedy short directed by Katie Goffman and written by Katie Goffman and Shara Zeiger.


My Favorite ThingS Clips — Satire / Dark Comedy

Had an amazing time filming My Favorite Things (directed by Justin Jorrell) with an awesome cast and creative team as part of the AGRtist Monthly Short Film Challenge (a bi-coastal competition challenging creators to collaborate on new short films with different "Art as Activism" themes each month). This satirical short film discusses appropriation, depicting the journey from creation through trend.


Skill Clip — Cycling

A short skill edit of my cycling.