Written and Directed by Devan Gallagher


“Oozing Charm and Humor” —Graveyard shift Sisters

A young woman faces a new threat in her Brooklyn neighborhood. She and her friends try to make it home alive, but all isn't as it seems, and the threat looms closer to home than she initially realized.

First-time filmmaker Devan Gallagher debuts with Z-Stuy, a campy comedic horror and social thriller about gentrification as seen through the eyes of Chloe, a young woman born and raised in Bed-Stuy and passionate about her community. On Halloween in Brooklyn, Chloe tries to make her way home. Teaming up with her two friends – logical Eliza and compassionate Dylan – she fights her way through the infected streets of Bed-Stuy in this fun and fresh take on zombie films and the use of social commentary in horror.